Porn: Amerifist pushes his paws into Chuck Deep’s gaping mancunt

Chuck Deep can’t get enough of his hole being stretched, and who better to stretch it wide then Amerifist and his mighty paws over at Amerifist gets him the gas mask, straps him into the sling and stretches this boy out real good…double fist wide till his hole is a gaping pit!



Porn: Andrew Stark breaks Brian Bonds’ hole @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Breaking the Bond is the new series release by Club Inferno Dungeon, and with a title like that, who else can be lead but Brian Bonds. And boy is Brian Bonds primed for some serious ass play. He’s on his back, legs in the air, ready to get his hole greased by Andrew Stark. With black gloves on, Andrew presses more and more fingers into Brian’s ass. Brian heaves as the finger count grows, but he’s determined to take Andrew’s fist. Finally their persistence pays off: Andrew’s knuckles slide past Brian’s sphincter. They both stroke their cocks as Andrew works his way deeper into Brian’s ass. Glimpses of rosebud flash whenever Andrew withdraws his hands from Brian’s fuck hole. Sloppy with frothing lube, Brian’s ass no longer resists Andrew’s slicked-up fist. When Brian is ready to shoot his load, he grabs Andrew’s non-fisting hand to deposit an offering of hot semen, which Andrew slathers inside Brian’s gaping hole for extra lubrication. With Brian’s lust for the fist finally satisfied, Andrew dumps his load of hot cum into Brian’s mouth, with an additional thick rope landing across Brian’s upper lip.


Porn: Amerifist ffits his round meaty forearm in VersFFLA’s round gaping pig hole

When I saw the title of’s latest release: ‘Sucking on the chain,’ I was expecting to see some cold-steel being fed up a lucky bottoms hole. But it wasn’t until I started to watch the scene did I realise that the chain Versffla’s ass is sucking on is not a piece of hardware, but a big piece of Amerifist’s chunky forearm. You see Amerifist has this chain tattoo on his upper forearm, and to get to it your ass better be deep and pig hungry wide; cos those arms are fucken M-E-A-T-Y! Boy, am I envious of this pig right now!