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Porn: Dirk Caber’s arms are bound to Nick Prescott’s pleasures

Imagine being restrained; arms and legs bound and having all your erotic zones teased, squeezed, fingered, and fucked by fuzzy hunk Nick Prescott. For some it is just a fantasy in a dream, but for Dirk Caber his dream feels so real. Titan Men’s latest release is hot a sweaty, and sexy. Nick Prescott works over every one of Dirk Caber’s erotic zones from mouth, to nips, to cock, to ass, and back to cock, and back to ass, and finally ending with a thick wad of cum, and a sexy sensual kiss. Titan Men gives us real men having real sex… now if I could just lick that sweat off!



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PORN: Latin stud Alessandro Del Toro owns Boyhous’ pig hungry rosebud

Boyhous has one of the best gaping fisting rosebuds in porn, no wonder Club Inferno Dungeon has cast him to star in their latest assplay release – Greedy Hole. Latin stud Alessandro Del Toro owns Boyhous’ hole and with fast, powerful strokes, Alessandro fists until it turns Boyhous’ ass inside out. The hairy bottom’s giant red rosebud blooms and pushes outward, protruding so far that it turns into a bullseye for Alessandro to throw his punches. Groaning, Boyhous pushes his dripping man hole out even farther — the dirty pig can’t get enough.


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Porn: Dolan Wolf enlists Alessandro Del Toro’s fists for double service

Everyone should know by now that Dolan Wolf is one of my favorite fisting performers. He has one the horniest hairy asses in town, and when it comes to fisting his hole turns into one hungry pig hole. Enlist Your Fist is the new series from Club Inferno Dungeon and the first scene stars Dolan and latino stud Alessandro Del Toro. The military themed fist scene has quickly become my favorite Dolan ass busting scene, especially when Alessandro beefs up his arsenal by shoving both fists into Dolan’s stretched hole. Woof!


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