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Matthias proves one fist is never enough

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Sling Slut Cryxus poppers up to take Matt & Amerifist’s Wylde fists

gay anal extreme fisting porn Cryxus & Matt Wylde Sling Slut 1Matt Wylde and Amerifist get Cryxus into the play sling for some serious arse-spreading fist pumping. Taking big hits of poppers, Cryxus gets his pig hole smashed and pummelled by Matt, before being tag teamed by Amerifist. Working the jock hole hard, Amerifist gives Cryxus one fist slam after another. Cryxus’ greasy and sloppy hole ain’t got no time to shut-up shop before another fist comes thundering in.

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jaykay92 – poppers & dildos

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