PORN: Geoff Paine shows Joe Gunn the fine FFucking line to pure pleasure

What’s that Divinyl’s lyric “it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain”? In this hot new scene from DarkroomJoe Gunn’s face tell the story as he navigates the fine fist fucking line between pain and pure ecstasy. Geoff Paine mercilessly plunges his fists, and a few monster dildos, into Joe Gunn’s horned up pig hole in all positions – on his back, on all fours, on his side, on his stomach, and in the sling.  It’s raw and it’s hardcore for the truly ffilthy pigs out there.


Porn: These two sexy fist fucking ass pigs

Tommy Hawk and Geoff Paine are two horny fist fucking sex pigs. Watching this scene is like stumbling on two hot fuckers in a dark corner of a sauna. Tommy Hawk gets his fists inside tattooed furry spunk Geoff Paine. Inch after pleasurable inch of Tommy’s arm seeps into Geoff’s ass getting him ready for a furious fisting session.


PORN: Breakin’ Ass – Tommy Hawk & Geoff Paine @ DarkAlley XT

Darkroom’s Tommy Hawk and Geoff Paine are back on the play sheets again for one horny ffuck. Tommy knows what he wants and immediately takes the lead to show Geoff exactly what he has in mind. Geoff has some hesitation, but Tommy won’t take no for an answer. Tommy teases Geoff’s asshole just enough to get his ass hungry for some action. Geoff quickly gives in and takes Tommy’s fists. Tommy gives him all he’s got. When you see Geoff’s muscles and body tense back in the throws of pure ecstasy, you just know Tommy has sealed the deal.

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