Porn: Fist top Lupus gets his own pig hole ffucked while his fists are buried deep into Marcel Hoffmann and Nicolas Contigli @ Wurst Film Club

Marcel Hoffmann, Nicolas Contigli, Lupus & Marcel kissing and group fist play session german gay porn studio Wurst Film ClubWhat’s hotter than two greased up pig holes?… You guessed it…THREE greased up pig holes!!! Marcel discovers Lupus with one fist each in hunky lads Marcel Hoffmann and Nicolas Contigli. On all fours, he sinks both his fists deep into their open holes as Marcel Hoffmann and Nicolas kiss passionately. Voyeur Marcel decides he has enough watching and gets into the action himself. He greases up his fist and without hesitation shoves it up Lupus’ hole. Yep, that’s right. Lupus gets fisted while he has his own fists deep in Marcel Hoffmann’s and Nicolas’ pig hole. Now, that’s what I call pig play. Oink!!!

Marcel Hoffmann, Nicolas Contigli, Lupus & Marcel kissing and group fist play session german gay porn studio Wurst Film Club2


Fostter Riviera gets a 4-way tag fisting

I have been following Berlin-based Fostter Riviera for a while now from his sneaker clad anal play scenes at Cazzo, to his locker-room fist scenes at Bulldog Pit, and now to his tagged teamed fist scene with the boys at Lucas Raunch. The four boys: Logan Moore, Raul Korso, Alex Lopez, and Theo Ford, take turns fisting Fostter’s ass skin to skin for one truly hot bareback ffuck. But that’s not all Fostter gives us. In another scene by the same studio, Fostter gives us a hot watersports/assplay session with a huge dildo, showing us just how piggy his hole can get. Fostter stretches his hole wide, and gives us an awesome view of his pink gaping cunt.Seeing that his gaping cunt needs filling, Tomas Brand stops by and lets out a stream of warm yellow piss right up Fostter’s hole. Oink! 


Porn: Schaaff gets tag team’d by Wantbottom & Amerifist @

Young talented pig bottom, Schaaff, is back at for a hog wild fist frenzy of a scene. Germany’s notorious ass master, Wantbottom, and the stud fister himself, Amerifist, team up to double tag Schaaff hole. Schaaff gets it double fisted, punch ffucked, elbow deep, and double fisted by two men at once. Now, that’s what I call a hungry asspig.


Porn: Ronny hits up Heiko in the laundry with his piggy fists

Wurst Film Club has just updated their site with piggy fist scene in the laundry with Ronny and Heiko. Ronny has had a eye on horny hunk Heiko for a long time. They run into each other in the laundry room and the chemistry hit s boiling point for one hot fuck. Ronny dives into Heiko’s ass first with tongue then with his cock, but ronny finds out that Heiko loves even more up his ass. Soon Ronny shoves his big juicy arm into the pumping hot hole, and Heiko takes every pounding punch…

Porn: Amerifist Unmasks GermanFistRider

One of my favorite asspigs, GermanFistRider, is back at for another round of Amerifist’s meaty fists. With legs spread wide and gaping hole in close-up and in full HD, Amerifist works the pigs hole. With each grunt and groan Amerifist deepens his fists into the  hungry hole. The sound of slop slop slop echoes in the dungeon amplifying the intensity of each fist fuck. Each going harder and faster until the look of sheer joy and satisfaction slowly drifts over GermanFistRiders face. When his ass begins to uncontrollably shake you know the satisfaction is complete.