PORN: 2 Bottoms No Top – Brian Bonds & Drake Jaden @ High Performance Men

When I saw the promo pictures of this scene from High Performance Men, I thought to post it for bit of fun. Granted the dildos are a bit small, and we all know that Brian Bonds can take a (w)hole lot more up there, but after actually watching the scene it most def got my cock rock hard and my ass twitching. Both Brian and Drake Jaden ride those dildo balls like they’re at a rodeo. But you know what the best bit for me is? When Brian turns on the dirty talk charm and gets Drake to drill that perfect ass of his. Yum!


Hot Porn Butt

A bevy of hot porn butt is on offer at the moment. I could not resist posting a few shots of bubblebutt hotties Franco Ferarri and Jordano Santoro in The Dom from and Derek Parker in Self-Expression from These scenes do not involve any fisting or dildo action, but it is still provides a good spread and some finger licking that will sure to make you cum 😛