PORN: HOLISTIC (Scene 3) – Derek Parker & Preston Johnson @ Club inferno Dungeon

Preston Johnson is back at the Club Inferno Dungeon medical clinic for more specialised Holistic treatment. This time Preston has a somewhat embarrassing problem: He has something lodged up his ass. Dr Derek Parker uses his fingers to probe Preston’s ass and pulls out a stainless steel buttplug. While he is gloved up, Dr Parker orders a full rectal examination. Preston willingly agrees and spreads his legs wide to ensure Dr Parker explores all areas of his hole. He then flips over onto all fours making sure no area has been missed. Check out the full examination at Club Inferno Dungeon.


Porn Update: HOLISTIC (Scene 2) – Alessio Romero & Mike Tanner @ Club Inferno Dungeon

I am really enjoying Holistic, the latest fisting/dildo video release from Club Inferno Dungeon. In Scene 2 Dr Alessio Romero needs to examine Mike Tanner from top to bottom. He main concern is Mike’s prostate. Using a medical grade stainless steel prostate massager, Dr Romero carefully examines Mike’s hole. Deciding it needs more intensive treatment, the doctor selects a more robust prostate massager and pushes it deep inside Mike’s hole. It is obvious Mike can take a lot more and Dr Romero selects the biggest prostate massager from his medical tools and hits Mike’s prostate until he is satisfied. Next patient please!

I am really hoping Club Inferno Dungeon utilise medical forceps in the future scenes of Holistic. It really is the best way to to open up any hole to examine the prostate 😛

Porn Update: HOLISTIC – Brian Davilla & Preston Johnson @ Club Inferno Dungeon

There is only one way that Preston Johnson can keep in peak physical form and that is by regular medical check-ups. When Preston goes for a follow-up exam he finds his usual doctor has been replaced by Dr Brian Davilla. He orders Preston to strip naked and bend over. Dr Davilla then lubes up his gloves and gives Prestons prostate a massage. Dr Davilla knows just what treatment is needed and selects his prescription only dildo and starts to pummel Preston’s round ass. Extra treatment is required and Dr Davilla dives fist deep into Preston’s ass. By the time the appointment is finished, Preston knows he will need to come back. Check out the preview video and full scene at Club Inferno Dungeon.

There is no embedded preview video for this scene, but it is viewable over at Club Inferno Dungeon. Click the image below to go directly to preview page.