Jessie Balboa caged, probed and fisted

Watch full scene @ Club Inferno Dungeon.


I recently stumbled across a video of Jessie Balboa self-administering a huge fucken dildo up his ass right to the base. I can tell you it got me pretty horny and I went back and watched some more of his play. The way he takes it up the ass, especially huge dildos, gets me off every time. Check out this hot picture montage and a video of his play below.


PORN: Take The Plunge (Scene 4) – Brian Bonds and Jessie Balboa

Elbow deep! Check out this new hot scene with talented bottom Jessie Balboa and, ass in training, Brian Bonds at ClubInfernoDungeon. This scene is basically in two parts. The first part sees Jessie Balboa work open Brian Bonds tight hole. Jessie is determined to open up Brian’s hole and Brian’s eye bulging looks is not going to persuade him to take it easy. The second part is where the real action takes place. Jessie Balboa shows Brian just how a good bottom should perform. Getting on all fours, he prompts Brian to slide his hand right in, not stopping until it hits elbow. If that was not enough to make his ass gape wide, Jessie spreads wide to take Brian’s two fists at once!

Check out full scene at ClubInfernoDungeon.

Check out full scene at ClubInfernoDungeon.