Tryp Bates has no option but to follow Dr Jimmy Durano’s in depth orders @ the Hot House clinic

Gay anal sex toy medical play Doc's Orders with Jimmy Durano & Tryp Bates at Hothouse A Hot House recently made a big claim and labelled themselves the “Ass Authority.” Well, that’s a pretty large claim. I mean how can you be an “ass authority” without huge dildos and fisting scenes in your archive. But I may have a bias towards some more ffilthy ffun. Big butt plugs and arse stretching double fist play are hardly your everyday sex scene, so I’ll give them some allowances.

Luckily, Hot House hail from the same producers as Club Inferno Dungeon and Fisting Central, so they definitely have the behind the camera talent to produce hot assplay. And boy do they have hot arse to produce.

For instance click on link to look at Tegan Zayne’s hairy man butt. Pure magic if you ask me. Many of the stars, in fact, cross over and appear on all three sites, for example Brian Bonds and Armond Rizzo.

Hot House may not have the huge dildos and big fists, but they sure have some hot men, with hot butts to train, leading to an increasing archive of dildo play scenes. For example   the launch scene from newest medical series Doc’s Orders with Jimmy Durano and Tryp Bates.

Gay anal sex toy medical play Doc's Orders with Jimmy Durano & Tryp Bates at Hothouse B

See more medical anal examinations at Hot House.

PORN: Hole Busters 10 – Jimmy Durano & Liam Harkmore @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Finally! The new scene from Club Inferno Dungeon’s Hole Busters 10 series has been released. New kid on the block is Liam Harkmore with a twinky boyish look but with a deceptively piggy hole. Using 3 good sized dildos, Jimmy Durano feeds the young twink’s hole. First with a good sized but small dildo which definitely loosens the boy up. He then grabs a bigger flesh colored dildo to work Liam’s hole. Then grabbing an even bigger black dildo (that would satisfy most of us) Jimmy drills Liam’s hole. With hands locked in a stock, Liam has no option but to take whatever Jimmy gives him.

Porn: Last Call For Handball (Scene 1) – Byron Saint & Jimmy Durano @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Fresh from winning the Grabby’s 2013 Performer of the Year, Jimmy Durano is teaming up with bottom boi Byron Saint in Last Call for Handball (Scene 1), the new release from Club Inferno Dungeon. Byron Saint is a surprise. He is a small framed guy with one of those petite asses that you cannot imagine swallowing anything but a few fingers, but his ass can work wonders. Jimmy slowly open up Byron’s hole using a string of balls with graduating sizes. Once nice and open, Jimmy brings out the destroyer, a huge boot shaped dildo. It’s a big jump ni size, but Byron’s elastic whole swallows a good part of it. Check out just how much below.

Porn: Hole Busters 9 (Scene 4) – Jeremy Stevens & Jimmy Durano @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon has released the next scene (scene 4) in Hole Busters 9. Both Jimmy Durano and Jeremy Stevens (particularly his ass) look hot in this video, but I am a bit disappointed in the lack of hardcore dildo play. Jeremy Steven’s ass first gets opened up with a small sized dildo which, I must admit he does push out nicely every time Jimmy pushes it in and lets go. Craving something bigger Jimmy grabs a dildo similar in width but twice as long and proceeds to pummel Jeremy’s ass to both their satisfaction, but unfortunately not to mine. Now, in my opinion, what would have made this scene a whole lot better was breaking Jeremy’s ass open with a John Holmes  or black bam sized dildo. Thankfully, Hole Busters 9 already has some good scenes to give it hole busting credibility (Check out Scene 1 with Boyhous, Scene 2 with Trenton Ducati, and Scene 3 with Randall O’Reilly).

Porn: Hole Busters Vol 8 (Scene 2) – Jimmy Durano & Bobby Hart @ Club Inferno Dungeon

 Little latino hottie Bobby Hart bottoms in the latest Hole Busters release at Club Inferno Dungeon. Bobby’s ass looks just delicious in a jockstrap and even better when propped up on a ladder waiting for an anal orgasm. Jimmy Durano is the lucky top who gets to work on Bobby’s ass, ploughing it with a nice sized falcon knight stick before working up to large latex balls. Check out the preview below then head over to Club Inferno Dungeon for the full scene.