Hole Busters Vol 7 (Scene 2) – Jimmy Durano & Jordano Santoro @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Hot of the heels of his scene in Punch In: Punch Out as a fisting top, Jordano Santoro surprises us by flipping roles to  bottom-pig in just released Scene 2 of Hole Busters Vol 7 at Club Inferno Dungeon.  I have to say, Jordano is my latest crush. This tattooed god has a killer package: great bod, awesome thick thighs, meaty ass, expressive eyes, and that masculine X factor that makes me drool. Not to mention that accent…yum! To top it off his raw sexually comes out even more when he is a bottom-pig.

In this scene, bound and gagged Jordano Santoro has not where to go and there is only one thing on his captors mind. Jimmy Durano is set on taking advantage of the meaty ass he has in front of him, and Jordano has no option but to give in. Jimmy teases his bound boy with a huge dildo before greasing it up and ramming it into Jordano’s ass and grinding it into his guts. Jimmy then orders Jordano to flip over so he can see his meaty bubblebutt. Jimmy then works a string of anal beads one by one into Jordano’s hole. Jordano’s hole just eats it up showing us he is just as good (if not better) as bottom-pig as he is a top-pig.

PORN: Wrecking Crew (Scene 5) – Tyler Saint, Jimmy Durano and Tyson James

This scene is an extension of Wrecking Crew Scene 4 in which Tyler Saint fists hottie Jackson Lawless. Jimmy Durano and Tyson James stumble upon the action and getting horned up themselves start to play in the background. Jimmy Durano does not hold back in opening up Tyson’s hole, pummelling his ass with a good sized night-stick. All done with Lawless’ ass, Tyler Saint heads over for more action, spreading Tyson James’ ass so we get a good view of his hole in action, then shoving his big cock in Tyson’s mouth until he blows all over him. All done with his second bottom pig, Tyler leaves Durano to work on Tyson’s hole with a more sizeable dildo, but Tyson can’t keep his mouth away from cock, and finishes Durano off with a blow-job. His ass and mouth used and soaked in cum; Tyson James is a satisfied boy. Head over to Club Inferno Dungeon to watch the full scene.

PORN: Wrecking Crew (Scene 4) – Jackson Lawless and Tyler Saint @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Stripped down, tied up and defenceless, Jackson Lawless is just waiting to be manhandled. And manhandling is just what Tyler Saint is good at. With no hestitation in treating his boy rough, Saint leads Lawless into a deserted warehouse to gag, slap, and probe him in all the right places. It clear that Lawless’ gaped ass is ripe for a good fisting. I am not a huge fan of slow fist play, preferring the action packed ffucking, but Lawless knows how to make fisting hot at any speed. And his hole, well…it looks just delicious as it slowly stretches around Tyler Saint’s fists. The slight echo in the warehouse scene also makes the sounds of moans and ass slapping action sound hotter. As an added bonus Jimmy Durano and Tyson James appear to give a voyeuristic edge.

Jackson Lawless in an orange jockstrap is just fisting heaven. What do you think?

Check out the preview pics and video below then head over to Club Inferno Dungeon to watch the full scene.

PORN: Baseball Dudes Jimmy Durano & Jake Perry

This scene encompasses nearly everything that turns me on: Locker room, sports gear, jockstraps, dildos, and creative use of a baseball bat. In this scene Jake Perry opens his locker spilling the contents of his bag. Jimmy Durano, seeing two dildos laying on the ground, knows just what Jake wants. After opening Jakes hole with the dildos, Jimmy goes for the hard cold steel of the baseball bat to see how much Jake can take. And take it he does, all the way to a cum shooting climax.

The only thing that would make this fantasy scene hotter for me is some intense fisting action. Foul Play does deliver on some intense fisting action, but just not in this scene of the movie.

Check out all the action of Foul Play at Club Inferno Dungeon.