Versatile fisters Preston Johnson & Brandon Moore hit the locker room for down & out FFun!

Stretching Brandon Moore’s crack, Preston Johnson buries his fist in Brandon’s manhole. Brandon submits to Preston’s fist. Preston’s bicep flexes as Brandon’s butt stretches and flexes. Flipping on his back, Brandon puts his right leg over Preston’s shoulder. His facial expressions show how much he loves feeling Preston’s thick hands deep in his hole. Lying head to toe on a floor mat, Brandon and Preston 69-fist each other, each with their right hand in the other’s guts. Preston pushes out his rosebud and his eyes roll back in his head as his pleasure climaxes. With Brandon’s fist in his ass, Preston jerks out a big white load.

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Matthias von Fistenberg is feasting on fist at Dark Alley

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Amerifist goes knuckle dragging in Matt Wylde’s hot hole


Matt Wylde been hitting the gym and has beefed up his body & arse! Geared up and ready to play the hot jock hits the sheets with Amerifist to get his hole dragged out all over the room and spasming like crazy!


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Ashley Ryder bound & gagging for monster rubber cock

ashley-ryder-solo-huge-anal-dildo-bondage-play-on-streets-at-gay-porn-studio-cazzo-club-1Ashley Ryder is without a doubt one of the biggest stars in the ass pig porn scene. The largest dildos and biggest fists fit snuggly deep into his ass. His motto is always to go a little further and a little deeper than others. Dressed with only a leather jock waiting for the unknown, Ashley is left to suffer in an abandoned Berlin warehouse, waiting for a Master to bind and gag his hole with huge rubber cock. Some punks get all the fun…


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