Check out this hot amateur fisting blog of guys that get together regularly for fisting parties:

Mate Worshipping and Fisting My Hole

My mate has been really enjoying fisting my ass of late, and I have been enjoying it just as much, if not more. Check out my mate worshiping my hole, spreading my arse cheeks wide and burying his fist in my hole… LINK TO VIDEO

Mate fisting my hole

This video was recorded at the same fisting session as my most recent upload – Hole Stretching Fist Play (see below). Thought I would upload this as a bonus…enjoy 😉


Hole Stretching Fist Play

Winter is not the best time to fist, especially when the heater is in the other room. But my arse was too hungry to let the cold weather get in the way. My top buddy wasn’t too keen on fisting in the cold weather either, and he sure showed my hole who was boss. He gave my hole one hell of a stretch…and I loved it. Check out the full video HERE.