Joey Jordan’s goal is to trash Dyn0’s hole with 100 punches – Watch & Count

When Joey Jordan and Dyn0 meet up for a play session, you know it’s gonna get your rocks off BIG time! And well…you know Joey loves everything BIG so he is always trying to see how far he can push Dyn0’s limits. So, they made a bet to see if Joey could punch him 100 times…yet 100 times…and without stopping… UH-OH. Watch and count ’em!!!

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Dyn0 stretched to the max by Joey Jordan

Joey Jordan likes everything BIG. Big muscle body, big siliconed cock & balls, and most of all BIG gaping pig HOLE. Joey been working on stretching Dyn0’s hole. This time round he’s intent on seeing just how much Dyn0’s hole can take — Massive dildos sinking in deep, thick forearms disappearing, and holes stretched double fist wide. Dyn0 is ready to catch everything big boy Joey is throwing!

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Porn: Wreck it Joey, Wreck it: Joey Jordan & Dyn0 show us how the big pigs play @

Extreme Gay Fisting porn Dyn0 being fisted deep and double fist wide by hairy joey jordan in wreck it joey for studfist

Joey Jordan is up to no good. He’s at this week with a goal to wreck Dyn0’s hole with his mighty big fists and thick meaty forearms. Joey gives Dyn0’s hole everything he has: fist punches, forearm deep fisting, and double wide hole stretching. This is enough to push anyone’s limits, but Dyn0’s got his own goal: To take every deep digging, hard fisting, double wide ass stretching play that comes his way. With a special cameo from Cory Jay, this is one of Joey & Dyn0’s hottest match ups to date…

Extreme Gay Fisting porn Dyn0 being fisted deep and double fist wide by hairy joey jordan in wreck it joey for studfist2


Porn: Joey Jordan gets deep into Dyn0 @

There is no doubting that Dyn0, over at, likes it BIG. With having already conquered Amerifist’s mighty paws, there are few fisting tops that are just as big, but Joey Jordan fits the bill. Dyn0’s hungry ass works hard to gobble up those big furry fists as they slam into his big gaping hungry hole!


Joey Jordan gives Dyn0’s hole a Californian reaming he will never forget

Joey Jordan and Dyn0 are burning up the screen once again in a steaming hot encounter at It’s been a while since we have seen these two in action, and I personally look forward to their play sessions. Joey’s big muscle bound bod with thick hairy forearms, and Dyn0 smooth and deep bubblebutt make for a great match-up. Deep arm stuffing and ass punching makes this duo SIZZLE!