Porn: Big Fistin’ – Dyn0 and Joey Jordan @


When you get Dyn0’s ass and Joey Jordan’s massive fists together you get Big Fistin’, the latest release by And big fisting it is, with Dyn0 opening extra wide for Joey’s fists. It’s a great match-up seeing Dyn0’s smooth creamy ass being pounded by the tanned hairy arm of Joey.┬áThere are also some hot close-up action of just how awesome Dyn0’s hole is as it stretches wide to accommodate Joey’s clenched fist. Check all the action at

PORN: Wide Horizons – Trent Bloom and Joey Jordon @ Studfist

Trent Bloom is at it again. This time Studfist capturing an off-camera friendship between Trent Bloom and big-fisted, big-forearmed muscle man Joey Jordan. It needs no introduction. With Trent Bloom in the sling you know this scene is gonna be hot.

Dyn0 has also sent me over a hot little animated gif of Trent Bloom being double fisted. Check out that cool look on Trent’s face as he breathes out to take Joey Jordan’s big fists deeper. Amazing.

Check out the full scene at