PORN: The Trustees – Dirk Caber & Race Cooper @ Fetish Force

It’s good to see Race Cooper’s hot muscled ass back at Fetish Force. This time Race has been arrested and targeted for a body search by uniformed Interrogator Dirk Caber.  Dirk gets Race to strip and bend over the examining table. He runs his hands all over the muscled stud, leaving no area unexplored. Grabbing a pair of black latex gloves, he says there will be a cavity search. Race submits as Dirk’s finger breaches his sphincter. When the number of fingers increases, along with the depth of penetration, Race begins to cry out in distress. Without stopping Dirk praises, ‘good boy,’ as the anal intrusion progresses beyond a cavity search to a full alternating left hand right hand fist-fuck. Race gets no mercy. After Dirk pronounces ‘all clear,’ he hands Race a jar, ordering him to produce a cum sample. While Race masturbates for his captor, Dirk plays with his nipples and punches him, waiting for the inevitable ejaculation, then grabbing Race’s throbbing cock to collect the sample.


Marcus Isaacs subjects inmate Byron Saint to a full cavity search

Byron Saint has been a busy boy. He is one of a raft of young fisters that Club Inferno Dungeon picked up this year and already has three hot scenes under his belt with some mega hot tops. With Jimmy Durano and his sack of huge dildos (including the boot-shaped dildo) in Last Call for Handball, and with muscled god John Magnum and his fists in Fist Fuckers. This time round he faces off with rough man Officer Marcus Isaacs. Inmate Byron has been caught by surveillance cameras ‘hiding’ things up his ass. Isaacs demands Byron strip naked, get on all fours and stick his ass out for a full body cavity search. Saint insists he’s got nothing to hide but that doesn’t stop Isaacs from pulling on the latex gloves and shoving his hand up Byron’s ass to search for contraband. But the only thing Isaacs discovers is that Saint loves being fisted! Continue reading “Marcus Isaacs subjects inmate Byron Saint to a full cavity search”

PORN: Long Arm of the Law (Scene 2) – Jordano Santoro & Brian Bonds @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Jordano Santoro may be wearing the uniform but inmate Brian Bonds is calling the shots in Scene 2 of Club Inferno Dungeon’s latest series – The Long Arm of the Law.  I am always happy to see Jordano Santoro in a scene, especially when he is in uniform, but wish we get to see more of that hot ass of his. When Club Inferno Dungeon, sets up a scene, they don’t just give us the ordinary assplay, they tend to explore the different scenarios that could happen in a setting. In this jailhouse scene, Santoro is the stern officer intend on punishing the horny prisoner by forcing the end of his flashlight up the wide-eyed boys ass, but instead discovers that Bonds gets off on it. See more after the jump. Continue reading “PORN: Long Arm of the Law (Scene 2) – Jordano Santoro & Brian Bonds @ Club Inferno Dungeon”

Porn Update: Long Arm Of The Law (Scene 1) – Brandon Moore & Dolan Wolf @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Young pup Brandon Moore and hairy chested cub Dolan Wolf star in Club Inferno Dungeon’s newest studio release titled Long Arm of the Law. The studio is known for creating hot scenes, and for me, the prison setting has to be one of the hottest yet. The studio is also introducing us to a line of young fisting bottoms. We saw fresh-fraced smooth bottom Holden Phillips in the last scene of Fist Fuckers and now slim bottom but eager fist slut Brandon Moore. Club Inferno DUngeon has also picked up hot hairy stud Officer Dolan Wolf. I can’t wait to see his hot ass take a fist from an inmate! Hopefully, it is not too far away… See more after jump. Continue reading “Porn Update: Long Arm Of The Law (Scene 1) – Brandon Moore & Dolan Wolf @ Club Inferno Dungeon”