Mike Tanner gets his furry hole fist fucked!

Brian Bonds stands naked against a wall as Mike Tanner makes out with him. Eagerly sinking to his knees, Brian pushes his face into Mike’s jockstrapped ass and uses his thumb to push his saliva inside Mike’s hole. Climbing on top of Mike, Brian sucks Mike’s cock while Mike eats Brian’s ass and sucks his cock. As Mike puts his legs in the air, Brian puts on his gloves and works his hand into Mike’s hole. Mike jerks his hard, hairy cock as Brian penetrates Mike’s man cave up to his wrist. Brian starts alternating hands, sliding them in and out in a smooth, fluid motion. Standing up on a platform, Mike pushes down deeper and heavier on Brian’s slick, gloved hands. Thick lube slides across Mike’s hairy ass. With Brian’s hands deep inside him, pressing tightly against his prostate, Mike jerks his cock and explodes with ropes of cum, which Brian catches with his mouth.

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Porn: Greedy pig-bottom Drew Sebastian swallows Dolan Wolf’s fist

Club Inferno Dungeon’s new series Big Bad Wolf heats up in the second scene release with pig-bottom Drew Sebastian, Jordan Foster, and the big bad wolf himself: Dolan Wolf. Right from the outset Drew has his ass planted on a giant bullet-shaped butt plug. The sight of his greased up hole swallowing the huge toy got me hard straight away, even knowing there was more to cum. Drew’s moaning attracts Jordan, who feeds Drew his hard cock, but then, lurking in the shadows, Dolan Wolf gets in on the action, gloves up, and replaces the buttplug with his fist. Dolan, as good a top as he is a bottom, gets his muscle fist on, and works Drew’s hole deep and wide, before they decide to trade places. Drew lubes up his enormous paw and slides it directly into Wolf’s greedy hole. After fisting his buddy for a few, Sebastian admits that his hole is still hungry. The clever Wolf gets on his back and orders Drew to stand by his side so that both men can fist each other at the same time.


Porn: Drew Sebastian initiates the ass off new boy Joel Banks with a bat then fists

Drew Sebastian is one versatile pig. As a bottom pig he has one hungry hole, and as a top he is a dirty talking ass fisting pig. In Scene 4 of the Butt Stuffers series from Club Inferno Dungeon, Drew initiates the ass off jockstrapped new boy Joel Banks. Sebastian rims the greedy bottom’s hole and inserts the tip of the bat only to discover that Banks is a heavy hitter. He fucks the pig’s ass with the bat then slips in a finger to give the boy a extra stretch. Drew then pulls on the rubber gloves and shoves his fist deep into Bank’s gaping hole. Sebastian expertly slides his hand in deeper to massage Bank’s prostate until he’s rewarded with a bright red rosebud.


PORN: Long Arm Of The Law Part 2 (Scene 1) – Drew Sebastian & Dylan Strokes @ Club Inferno Dungeon

I was recently watched a documentary on Youtube called ‘Turned Out: Sexual Assault Behind Bars.’ It is basically about how guys in jail miss the company of a partner, so instead trade protection for sex. The long-time inmates usually target the “fresh meat” that come into jail. When a “boy” taken under another inmates protection, and the relationship is consummated with sex, the boy is said to be “turned out.” This scene from Club Inferno Dungeon’s Long Arm of the Law reminds me of what happens in jail. Standing 6’3″ tall, big man Drew Sebastian towers over anyone and is the kind of guy you want protecting you in the nick. But with a straight virgin ass, I’m not sure if you would want his cock pounding your hole (I of course would enjoy it). When Dylan Strokes comes to Drew’s cell to deliver an orange jumpsuit, he sees an opportunity to turn this young stud out and take the boy for his own. But instead of breaking Dylan’s ass out, Drew (the ultimate sexual deviant) gets his new boy to suck his cock, then fists his hole. With the relationship consummated, Dylan Strokes has been turned out. Continue reading to see more…

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