Cory Jay sling fisting RunnerX’s sloppy pig hole

From the private video collection of Cory Jay comes Runner X! Every morning while Cory was on his balcony this guy would run by in the shortest of shorts.. with his big round runners ass. It was only a matter of time before he would end up in Cory’s sling! Sloppy, piggy, and ffucken hot sling fuck fest!

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Sky works Brock’s big bam hole with his fist

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Andy Star digs his fist deeper into Thiago Romero’s pig man cunt

Sex bomb Andy Star and piggy bottom Thiago Romero are back to give us the second instalment of Thiago’s Fist Academy (See Part 1 here). Andy Star digs his fist deeper and deeper until his whole forearm disappears. The raw action heats up even more, with Thiago breaking out into a huge sweat as he struggles to take Andy’s double fist in one massive man cunt stretch…

Extreme gay hardcore deep fisting porn Dark Alley XT S106 Thiago's Fist Academy Part 2 Thiago Romero & Andy Star 2

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Porn: Wreck it Joey, Wreck it: Joey Jordan & Dyn0 show us how the big pigs play @

Extreme Gay Fisting porn Dyn0 being fisted deep and double fist wide by hairy joey jordan in wreck it joey for studfist

Joey Jordan is up to no good. He’s at this week with a goal to wreck Dyn0’s hole with his mighty big fists and thick meaty forearms. Joey gives Dyn0’s hole everything he has: fist punches, forearm deep fisting, and double wide hole stretching. This is enough to push anyone’s limits, but Dyn0’s got his own goal: To take every deep digging, hard fisting, double wide ass stretching play that comes his way. With a special cameo from Cory Jay, this is one of Joey & Dyn0’s hottest match ups to date…

Extreme Gay Fisting porn Dyn0 being fisted deep and double fist wide by hairy joey jordan in wreck it joey for studfist2


Porn: Brian Bonds and Dolan Wolf play hard for a RED card at

A RED CARD is used in many sports as a way to penalise or reprimand a player. But over at, Amerifist and Dyn0 have found another creative use for the RED CARD. In the sport of extreme fist play a red card is given when an asspig does something so hot they break all the rules. In this game we all aim to get as many red cards as possible! Check out Studfist’s newest studio release with Brian Bonds and Dolan Wolf and decide if they are worthy of a RED CARD?!