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Porn: Shay Michaels initiates Aarin Asker into PISS & FIST @ Raw & Rough

Aarin Asker’s hole is ripe for initiation over at Raw & Rough. Shay Michaels buries his cock deep in Aarin’s hole and fills it full of piss. He holds it in until Shay tells him to squirt it out. After fucking Aarin’s piss hungry cunt, Shay smears his hole with a handful of crisco and works the bottoms hole open while piss drips out. Aching to blow a load while Shay has his fist up his hole, Aarin asks for permission before letting go of a huge blast of thick cum.


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Cylus Kohen has been absent from fisting porn for a while, but his crisco’d fists are back in this hot fist and piss group gang bang over at Raw & Rough. The lucky bottom that gets all the attention is Leo Vega, and boy does his hole get some pounding. Cyrus is the Master of Arms and leads the ffilthy pack with his dirty attitude and tattooed fists. Leo’s hole is battered from fists and cock and the end of the session Leo is covered in piss, crisco, and cum…exactly how every pig bottom should end play session!


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Mattheiu Paris is back in the sling over at Darkroom with piggyboy Tommy Rawlins  screw-fisting Mattheiu’s gaping hole double wide and elbow-deep. Mattheiu’s sweaty hot ass can barely stand the torture, and his meaty uncut cock pisses everywhere with Tommy’s arm deep in his gut. Just when you think you’ve seen enough, the tables are turned and it’s Tommy’s turn for his own ass to burn.