PORN: Submissive pup Mike DeMarco gets released from his cage for ass pawing fun from Dallas Steele @ Fisting Central

Crouched and restrained in a cage, submissive pup Mike DeMarko is released from his cage in full gear to service and please his master Dallas Steele. The little pup is excited to be let out of his cage and wags his tail side to side in excitement. Dallas is keen to to get his paws into the excited pup’s furry hole. He greases up a double-paw shaped rubber dildo and slides it in deep. Pup barks with pleasure in response. Master Dallas has more inshore for pup Mike’s butt as he spanks, electro shocks, and whips pups ass till he whimpers.


Fisting Central: David Benjamin keeps beer flowing non-stop out of all Logan McCree’s orifices

Beer is flowing non-stop and coming out of all Logan McCree’s orifices. David Benjamin drinks a mouthful of beer then spits it into Logan’s mouth. Emptying an entire bottle over the tattooed studs head David forces him to lick the table clean. Play gets rough with David restraining Logan to the table with rope. On all fours and not able to move, David stretches open Logan’s hole with his fingers and a dildo then pushes in a pig hole. With Logan’s hole gaping wide David fills his cavity with beer then watches as it gushes out catching it in his mouth and tasting the flavour of beer mixed with Logan’s ass juice…



Porn: Dirk Caber’s arms are bound to Nick Prescott’s pleasures

Imagine being restrained; arms and legs bound and having all your erotic zones teased, squeezed, fingered, and fucked by fuzzy hunk Nick Prescott. For some it is just a fantasy in a dream, but for Dirk Caber his dream feels so real. Titan Men’s latest release is hot a sweaty, and sexy. Nick Prescott works over every one of Dirk Caber’s erotic zones from mouth, to nips, to cock, to ass, and back to cock, and back to ass, and finally ending with a thick wad of cum, and a sexy sensual kiss. Titan Men gives us real men having real sex… now if I could just lick that sweat off!

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