Porn: Peto Coast has his fists 3 holes deep

 In the fisting dungeon Rod Painter, Magnus and little punk Slotmachine are awaiting their “satisffuction” and present their open holes wide and hungry. Soon super hung hero Peto Coast and his humungous bareback hammer comes along and gives the waiting holes what they deserve. With three ready and open holes, Peto lubes up his bare fists and takes it in hand to give all three bottoms just what they need.


Wurst Film Club: Skunk, Paul Day & Rod Painter

Wurst Film Club comes from the same porn studio that puts out Cazzo Club. While Cazzo has a mix of boys from the European continent, Wurst Film concentrates on hot, rough, filthy man-sex straight from German pigs. This hot threesome scene is an example of just how filthy they like to play. Skunk, Paul Day, and Rod Painter are let loose in the play dungeon with literally a pool full of dildos of all sizes. The boys sort them selves out and Paul is the lucky one to top to hungry pig holes at the same time. The suck, fuck, and fill each others holes as they bounce around on a mountain of dildos. I would seriously would not like to wash all those dildos after the scene was done! One thing I love about this studio, is that they let their guys keep their socks and sneakers on. It just add that bit of filth to just being nude. Pics and video after the jump.

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