Porn Update: Red Handed (Scene 3) – Rick Van Sant and Trent Bloom

Red Handed, the new video release from Club Inferno Dungeon, continues to deliver on horny fisting and huge dildo play with Trent Bloom and Rick Van Sant donning latex gloves to get fist deep in each others ass. When Trent Bloom plays you know it will be pure piggy play…and expect to get a good showing of his famous, or should I say infamous, rosebud. This scene gives us pigs exactly what we want. Rick mercilessly punch fucks Trent’s hole to oblivion and back almost splitting Trent in half. Trent pushes his rosbud out to release the pressure, but that just makes Rick crave a fist up his own ass. He orders Trent to don some gloves and get to work on opening his hole. Rick Van Sant’s hole has qualities of its own with Trent fisting his hole almost to the elbow before showing us his huge gape that seems to talk to us.  There is no doubt these boys have the hungriest holes in the business…

Watch the full scene here.

Porn: Big Fistin’ – Dyn0 and Joey Jordan @


When you get Dyn0’s ass and Joey Jordan’s massive fists together you get Big Fistin’, the latest release by And big fisting it is, with Dyn0 opening extra wide for Joey’s fists. It’s a great match-up seeing Dyn0’s smooth creamy ass being pounded by the tanned hairy arm of Joey. There are also some hot close-up action of just how awesome Dyn0’s hole is as it stretches wide to accommodate Joey’s clenched fist. Check all the action at

PORN: Fire in the Foxhole (Scene 2) – Jackson Lawless & Anthony London @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Watching Jackson Lawless getting fisted always gives me an instant hardon. What gets me so hard?  He is one hot guy that genuinely loves getting fisted. He spreads his legs and opens his ass to a fist without any resistance and then there is the dirty looks and dirty moans he lets out that just take me over the edge. His most recent scene in Fire in the Foxhole for Club Inferno Dungeon is set outdoors on a military base. Anthony London stumbles on Lawless on his back with legs spread with a bucket of lube close-by. London gets the hint and shoots a turkey baster full of lube up Lawless’ ass, gloves up and works on Lawless’ hole fisting him to a climactic ending. It’s hot outside and it’s not because of the weather…

PORN: Handfull – Andreas & Amerifist @ have released one hell of an update. You will know what I mean when you read the description and see the preview video. I don’t usually copy and paste promotional blurbs but Amerifist and Dyn0 from have captured the rawness of the scene that will turn any pig on:

“Sexy and anonymous fist hole Andreas visits us in the dungeon of The Chrome Apartment in Berlin.. his ass is hungry and ready for a wreckin’!

Amerifist gets this stud into a gyno-chair, straps on a studded fisting gauntlet and goes to work on Andreas’ open hole. Sexy fisting hole destroying piss dripping cum shooting man sex here – all you can take!”

Check out the preview video and full scene at Go on. You know you want to.