PORN: Handfull – Andreas & Amerifist @ have released one hell of an update. You will know what I mean when you read the description and see the preview video. I don’t usually copy and paste promotional blurbs but Amerifist and Dyn0 from have captured the rawness of the scene that will turn any pig on:

“Sexy and anonymous fist hole Andreas visits us in the dungeon of The Chrome Apartment in Berlin.. his ass is hungry and ready for a wreckin’!

Amerifist gets this stud into a gyno-chair, straps on a studded fisting gauntlet and goes to work on Andreas’ open hole. Sexy fisting hole destroying piss dripping cum shooting man sex here – all you can take!”

Check out the preview video and full scene at Go on. You know you want to.

Porn: Hole Busters Vol 7 (Scene 5) Jackson Lawless & Alessio Romero @ Club Inferno Dungeon


Hole Busters Vol 7 (Scene 5) is the lates release from Club Inferno Dungeon. And a hot release it is. When it comes to dildo hungry pig-bottoms the name Jackson Lawless always pops up, even amongst the pros. So when it comes to satisfying his hole, he needs an equally piggy top to get the job done. It is such a turn on to see Jackson Lawless legs spread kicking back in a sling giving tattooed hottie Alessio Romero (and us) complete access to his hungry hole. Alessio starts off with a foot long dildo that he works deep into Jackson’s ass. Then he pulls the big boy out. A mammoth ribbed dildo that Alessio uses as a weapon on Lawless’s ass. Watch the video to see if Alessio does the job of satisfying Lawless’s hungry hole.

PORN: Fire in the Foxhole (Scene 1) – Jordano Santoro and Drew Sebastian @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Fire in the Foxhole is Club Inferno Dungeon’s latest fisting video. Scene 1 stars my latest crush Jordano Santoro and Drew Sebastian. Jordano starts on his knees servicing Drew’s foot-long cock gagging on his pierced monster as he slurps and swallows. Jordano then bends Drew over to explore his hairy butthole. Jordano pulls on his black gloves and dives right into Drew’s opening hole. Drew’s blossoming rosebud showing just how much he enjoys Jordano’s fists.

PORN: Punch In Punch Out (Scene 3) – Tanner Wayne & Jed Athens @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon have released Scene 3 of Punch In:Punch out starring Tanner Wayne and Jed Athens. Tanner Wayne luvs sticking things up his ass…just like the rest of us. Tanner wants some action so sticks a plastic bottle up his ass. In walks Jed Athens demanding to know what the fuck Tanner is doing. Tanner is a pretty agressive bottom and orders Jed to get on his knees and suck his balls, then orders him to lick his ass clean. Jed has his tongue deep in Tanners hole when out pops a pair of latex gloves. As Jed puts on the gloves and gets ready to fist, Tanner’s ass open up and lets out a stream of white lube. Tanner’s ass is clearly ready for a fisting and Jed obliges, fisting Tanner to a nice rosebud.