PORN: Double Dip – Trent Bloom’s Pops his (PORN) Cherry @ turns amateur guys like you and me into porn stars. And that is just what they did with Trent Bloom. In (what I am led to believe) his first scene on camera, Amerifist fists Trent’s ass into fisting stardom. Kitted out in wrestling lycra Trent takes everything Amerifist dishes out: Punch fucking, deep fisting, double fist – Trent takes it all. There is a huge mirror in the room which reflects all the play and gives Trent an awesome view of his own ass in action. What makes this scene extra hot is how much fun Trent has. A cheeky half smile stays on his face throughout play as well as letting out a horny chuckle every now and then – All while his ass gets trashed. And check out that rosebud. Do we need to ask why his name is Trent “Bloom”?

To check out the full scene you will have to delve into the archives at It is well worth the effort. Trust me.

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Click here to watch full scene

FanASS: Fucken Hot French Ass Fisted by Xtube Member FFuncut75

Another hot ass serviced by FFuncut75 from Xtube.

PORN: Trent Bloom & Evan Matthews – Take the Plunge (Scene 2)

There is no hotter ass in porn at  the moment than that of Trent Bloom. He sure knows how to give assplay lovers exactly what they want. Evan Matthews does not disappoint either. In Take the Plunge Scene 2 Club Inferno Dungeon pits two very talented power bottoms up against each other. With the scene set, Trent Bloom & Evan Matthews drive their well lubed asses as far as they can down full size traffic cones. Hot. The guys then get to business plunging fists into each others well stretched holes. Trent shows us he is not just a talented bottom; working Evan’s hole deep and hard like a true top. Like a true pro, Trent switches roles and takes just as good as he gives, with a scene stealing ending in what is becoming Trent’s trademark talent: Double wide and double deep.

With more rosebuds than Valentine’s Day; this is one scene you should not miss. Check out Club Inferno Dungeon for the full scene.

Club Inferno Dungeon: Sebastian Keys

Sebastian Keys may surprise you. Despite his young age and wholesome good looks, this young ginger loves to shove things up his butt. His favorite toy in the Hole Busters playroom turns out to be the inflatable butt-plug. About the size of a plumb when at rest, the bulb easily slides into Sebastian’s ass. After a few pumps on the handle, the toy triples in size until it’s too large to be contained and pops out of his twitching hole. Sebastian repeats this trick until he’s ready for the big guns – a 5lb dildo as big around as his own arm. Sebastian plunges the monster into his ass, then pulls it out to reveal the beginning of his fresh young rosebud.