Cody gives young Issac Lin a Trim ‘n’ Fist

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Seamus & Colin Bryant arrive with furry hole but leave the barbershop smooth as FFuck

Dressed in head-to-toe black with a leather apron, barber Joey D gives his furry clients an experience above and beyond what you can get at any conventional barbershop. Seamus O’Reilly comes in ass covered with ginger fuzz, and Colin Bryant comes in with a cute furry arse, but both leave smooth as FFuck.

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PORN: Show Me Your Hole – Tony Buff & Kyle Wood @ Fisting Central

When scruffy leather daddy Tony Buff tells you to show him your hole, you bring it. And that’s exactly what Kyle Wood does in Fisting Central:Fetish Force’s Show Me Your Hole. With gloved fists, Tony lubes up and starts to pry open Kyle’s hole. Tony Buff is on a mission to coax Kyle’s hole open and reveal the young pups developing rosebud. Slipping his hand in to the eager hole working his hands deeper and deeper. Kyle gets so turned on by the feeling of his ass being filled that he starts wanking his cock to a full erection. With the boys hole fully engorged from fisting, Tony is eager to get a better taste. He pulls out his mega cock and starts to fuck the young bottoms hole, fucking harder and harder until they both blow their loads in a climactic ending. Continue reading “PORN: Show Me Your Hole – Tony Buff & Kyle Wood @ Fisting Central”