Porn: Titan Men remasters classic group fuck fest movie Cirque Noir just in time for Halloween

Buck Angel, Cobalt, Ivan Grey, Joey Russo, Logan Cirque Noir gay fisting fucking porn with Steele, Richie Rennt, RJ, Spencer Quest, Stretch, Tober Brandt @ Titan Men Rough

Titan Men has remastered in HD the eternal classic group fuck fest movie Cirque Noir. With elaborate sets, lighting, colourful costumes, and fantastic circus tricks, each scene is a thematic experience. Sex as you have never seen before…Cirque Noir is gonna shake you down even if you’re not scared by performers with names like Rimjob the Klown, or The Man with a Pussy. Titan Men exclusive stars Spencer Quest, Tober Brandt, and Logan Steele, plus the ass-pounding and aptly named Stretch, pound each other down as they roar from chain fuck and maxi-sized double insertion into reams of passionate fisting, only pausing to cool down under golden showers of warm man piss. In this Extreme Circus see the pissification of Joey Russo’s charismatic cock! The explosion of Cobalt’s helmet-headed tool when his granite ass is trapezed onto Quest’s steely rod! Stretch’s self-fisting is a prelude for a simultaneous cock and fist in his ass. And gasp when you see Buck Angel, The Man with a Pussy, double fist Logan Steele and Tober Brandt! Cirque Noir is one sexy, scary, sensationally twisted fuck of a movie.Buck Angel, Cobalt, Ivan Grey, Joey Russo, Logan Cirque Noir gay fisting fucking porn with Steele, Richie Rennt, RJ, Spencer Quest, Stretch, Tober Brandt @ Titan Men Rough 2


Porn: Amerifist parties HARD in Tamor’s hole

It’s been a while but Tamor is back at Studfist getting his ass hit hard by Amerifist’s fists in one piggy Party in Back! With legs spread wide and feet dangling right in front of the camera, Tamor takes hit after hit of poppers, while his ass is stretch and pounded by Amerifist. Fuck yeah!


Porn: Gio Ryder fists Brock Rustin’s big furry ginger ass

Brock Rustin has been in a few hot scenes at Club Inferno Dungeon, and this new scene with young gun Gio Ryder is no exception. Brock has got one of those holes that you just want to keep on stretching. Rimmed with ginger bum fuzz, Brock’s hole is ripe enough to eat the hell out of, and the film crew must agree as we get some mouth-watering close-ups of his pliable hole. Brock is a horny ffucken asspig. His grunts, groans, and red headed madness is just the right kind of dirtiness to make anyone into assplay hot under the collar, and, more importantly, rock hard down below. If this scene hits the spot, and I’m sure it will, make sure you check out his other scenes for more ginger-haired ass stretching ffun.


Porn: HOLLOW’D OUT – Straight stud HollowFF & Amerifist @

Amerifist has got his hands deep in a STRAIGHT guys hole over at The only person that has ever been up this stud’s hole has been his GIRLFRIEND. In true ass pig style, HollowFF was ready to see what a man’s hand would feel like using his hole, and hey, why not film it in the process! HollowFF is takes everything Amerifist throws at him – deep arm fucks, hard punches and some wide stretching hole destruction! As if that wasn’t enough – Amerifist slips in his fat dick right next to his huge fist before letting up on the boy …and then throws him a hard big cock fuck anyway!


Porn: Young FistPunkPup gets Bench’d by Amerifist

Fistpunkpup is always hungry for a fist feeding from Amerifist over at In this scene, which appears to be a continuation of Fisting the Pup released back in February 2014, Fistpunkpup jumps onto the fisting bench and sticks his ass in the air, begging for Amerifist to work his hole more. Seeing the young pup take a big snort of poppers, Amerifist dives in with both hands lubed and gives the young ass pup a good double-wide stretching.