Batter up! Chad Anders & Bo Wrangler play arseball!

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PORN: Geoff Paine shows Joe Gunn the fine FFucking line to pure pleasure

What’s that Divinyl’s lyric “it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain”? In this hot new scene from DarkroomJoe Gunn’s face tell the story as he navigates the fine fist fucking line between pain and pure ecstasy. Geoff Paine mercilessly plunges his fists, and a few monster dildos, into Joe Gunn’s horned up pig hole in all positions – on his back, on all fours, on his side, on his stomach, and in the sling.  It’s raw and it’s hardcore for the truly ffilthy pigs out there.


Porn: Drew Sebastian slams his cock and fist up Drew Sumrok’s pig hole

Drew Sumrok and Drew Sebastian look like real men: hairy, sweaty, tattooed men dressed in leather. And when it comes sex they like it FFilthy. Sebastian slams his huge cock into Sumrok’s ass for a rough fucking, but when that’s not enough, he adds his hand to the mix. Alternating between his fist and his cock, Sebastian stretches Sumrok’s hole to the max. Sumrok even manages to get double penetrated by Sebastian’s cock and fist at the same time! Sweaty and sticky, with lube everywhere, they explode with semen all over each other.


Porn: Check out what Cory Jay needs to do to fill up Dolan Wolf’s pig hole…

Two of the hottest fist fuckers on the planet – Cory Jay and Dolan Wolf – have cum together at Studfist for a horny fist filled scene. Shot poolside in a private courtyard in Palm Springs, Cory gets his feet wet and his fists covered in crisco to stretch Dolan’s woof worthy hole hard and fast and double fist wide. This scene reminds me of some of my favorite vintage falcon porn movies with big cocks and jock butts I used to watch in my early years before I got into fisting. Hot, raw, sexual, and with total uninhibited assplay from two hot fist hunks. I wish more fisting porn was made like this. Good stuff Studfist!!