PORN: Baseball Dudes Jimmy Durano & Jake Perry

This scene encompasses nearly everything that turns me on: Locker room, sports gear, jockstraps, dildos, and creative use of a baseball bat. In this scene Jake Perry opens his locker spilling the contents of his bag. Jimmy Durano, seeing two dildos laying on the ground, knows just what Jake wants. After opening Jakes hole with the dildos, Jimmy goes for the hard cold steel of the baseball bat to see how much Jake can take. And take it he does, all the way to a cum shooting climax.

The only thing that would make this fantasy scene hotter for me is some intense fisting action. Foul Play does deliver on some intense fisting action, but just not in this scene of the movie.

Check out all the action of Foul Play at Club Inferno Dungeon.

My Dildo Collection

The above dildos are my triple play to open me up for fisting. The first cream dildo is a John Holmes replica. It is very soft and squirmy and is a good starter to open me up. The middle dildo is the Bam. It starts stretching my hole and makes my ass very hungry. The last dildo on the right is Chi Chi LaRue’s Black Balled Dildo. It is as thick as a fist and keeps my hole open to be pummeled. Yum.

A lot of the toys in my collection were purchased to open my hole up. Now that my hole is starting to loosen up nicely, I hope to buy some larger toys.



Using chain can be very horny. Some use galvanized chain, while others use the more expensive stainless steel chain. The latter being more resistant to rusting and a lot smoother. Make sure there are no sharp edges before playing. When inserting the chain into your hole make sure it is well lubed. The key is to hold the chain straight up and insert one link in at a time. Allow the chain to drop directly into the hole (as in the pictures below). It is important not to drag or drop the chain on the top and bottom of the hole as there is the potential to pinch the skin. The same goes for extracting the chain; Pull up and straight without letting the chain drop (again like in the pictures). For these reasons it is better to have a top feed you the chain, rather than try to play by yourself.

Wildassdude Video: Ass Stretching Dildo and Fist Play

New video Guys!! 
My big fisted mate loves working my hole. He loves how flexible it is, and stretches wide to take his big fists. My mate came over the other day and really worked my ass over. Starting by tasting my sweet hole, he then fucks me bareback. He really loves popping hs cock into my hole and fucking me until I loosen uo ready for some dildo action. Using my favorite three dildos he slowly opens my hole. First with the John Holmes dildo, then on to the bam, then onto my new mega black didlo. Once my hole is stretched he just slides his big fists into me and works it just the way I like it.

Preview video after the jump. Full 27min video on my Xtube Amateur Channel or
click here for direct link.


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Baseball Dudes

After seeing these pictures and video, I am definitely getting a baseball bat to add to my toy bag. The thought of a cold, rigid, greased up baseball bat opening up my hole…hot!


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