Trent Bloom’s sloppy kunt

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PORN: Double Your Pleasure – Trent Bloom & Amerifist @

Trent Bloom is back @ in their latest release: Double Your Pleasure! And we all know the pleasure meter goes through the roof when it comes to Trent’s impressive pig hole. Amerifist has him in the perfect position: on his back, legs in stirrups, and his hole spread wide and on full show. With nowhere to move, Trent’s hole has only one way to go and that’s to full gaping rosebud. Amerifist starts with a solitary fist, but it soon gets heated up as he ploughs his thick forearm deep into Trent’s hole. With ass hungry for more Amerifist goes for the double fist, stretching Trent’s hole to maximum. Double wide and double deep Trent’s pure pleasure is clear on his face. With a flash of a smile, a flash of a piggy glint in his eye, and a flash glance at the camera every now and then just to let you know that the show is all for you. Trent Bloom turns it on! OINK!


Porn Update: FIST FUCKERS (Scene 1) – Trent Bloom & Alessio Romero @ Club Inferno Dungeon

Trent Bloom’s new fisting scene is finally out! Teamed up with big gun top Alessio Romero, Trent Bloom yet again gives us an amazing ass defining scene in Scene 1 of the new Club Inferno Dungeon series release titled Fist Fuckers. Just when you think you have seen it all, Trent shows up with a new toy to play with. The Pig Hole (which comes in various sizes; Trent uses XXL) is a silicone sleeve that stretches his hole to an enormous 10 inch circumference. The opening itself is 3 inches which gives us a gaping view into his hungry hole. Alessio walks into the room to find Trent Bloom on all fours with his ass gaping wide. After filling Trent’s hole with J-Lube, Alessio takes it as an invitation to slip his fist right in. Trent then urges Alessio to punch fuck his hole which turns The Pig Hole into a forearm thickening cuff that stretches Trent’s hole wide with every punch. Trent then gets on his back to show us that his ass skills goes deep as well, with Alessio ploughing deep inside Trent’s hole, before a climatic ending for them and us. See more after jump. Continue reading

Trent Bloom shoots new fisting scene for Club Inferno Dungeon

It has been a while since Trent Bloom has shot a fisting porn scene, so I was over the moon when I stumbled across this behind-the-scenes photo of Alessio Romero and Trent Bloom shooting a new fisting scene for Club Inferno Dungeon. Looks like Alessio is doing a good job of digging his way into Trent’s ass. What I am not sure about is the title of the DVD, or the release date. It may be the final scene for the current DVD Last Call for Handball, but most likely it is for the next fisting DVD release. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, you can watch Trent Bloom in his impressive back catalogue at Club Inferno Dungeon. Use promo code ‘Wild25′ for a 25% discount on first monthly memberships.

Trent Bloom plugging his hole @ Steamworks for

Check out these hot pics of a younger Trent Bloom riding massive dildos over at before filming his first porn scene ‘Double Dip – Trent Bloom’s Pops his (PORN) Cherry.‘ Trent has a go at Dyn0’s bag of massive toys (a collection that any ass player would want to own and take for a ride) which includes a huge buttplug that even Dyn0 apparently has trouble taking. Dyn0 made a wager that if Trent could successfully take the buttplug he could keep it. Needless to say Trent went home with another toy in his bag of tricks. If these pics wett your appetite for raw assplay, then head over to for a smorgasbord.

Trent Bloom – Nothing puts a smile on his face like a double fist

There is no way to describe Trent Bloom’s ass but AMAZING. Check Trent Bloom’s ass face off against mini footballs, traffic cones, and huge fists at Club Inferno Dungeon and Fisting Central.

Trent Bloom’s ass in action

See more of Trent Bloom HERE.

Porn Update: Red Handed (Scene 3) – Rick Van Sant and Trent Bloom

Red Handed, the new video release from Club Inferno Dungeon, continues to deliver on horny fisting and huge dildo play with Trent Bloom and Rick Van Sant donning latex gloves to get fist deep in each others ass. When Trent Bloom plays you know it will be pure piggy play…and expect to get a good showing of his famous, or should I say infamous, rosebud. This scene gives us pigs exactly what we want. Rick mercilessly punch fucks Trent’s hole to oblivion and back almost splitting Trent in half. Trent pushes his rosbud out to release the pressure, but that just makes Rick crave a fist up his own ass. He orders Trent to don some gloves and get to work on opening his hole. Rick Van Sant’s hole has qualities of its own with Trent fisting his hole almost to the elbow before showing us his huge gape that seems to talk to us.  There is no doubt these boys have the hungriest holes in the business…

Watch the full scene here.

PORN: Wide Horizons – Trent Bloom and Joey Jordon @ Studfist

Trent Bloom is at it again. This time Studfist capturing an off-camera friendship between Trent Bloom and big-fisted, big-forearmed muscle man Joey Jordan. It needs no introduction. With Trent Bloom in the sling you know this scene is gonna be hot.

Dyn0 has also sent me over a hot little animated gif of Trent Bloom being double fisted. Check out that cool look on Trent’s face as he breathes out to take Joey Jordan’s big fists deeper. Amazing.

Check out the full scene at

XXL Dildo Play

I am not sure if this is Trent Bloom or not. The ass is definitely talented enough to be Trent. Whoever it is – it is one hot piggy play session.