PORN UPDATE: Hole Busters 9 (Scene 2) with Trenton Ducati & Angelo

Club Inferno Dungeon has released Scene 2 of Hole Busters Vol 9 with Trenton Ducati and Angelo. Trenton Ducati is horny and his ass is busting to be abused. He tries to wait for Angelo who is in the shower but Trenton’s ass waits for no-one. After finishing his shower, Angelo walks in catching Trenton in action and decides to join right on in. If you like you assplay scenes on the vanilla end of the spectrum then you will love this scene. Trenton has a hot ass and Angelo is very pretty. For those of you that like things a bit hardcore Scene 1 of Hole Busters Vol 9 with Boyhous and Christian Andrade maybe more your scene.

Porn: Red Handed – Trenton Ducati and Rick Van Sant @ Club inferno Dungeon

Red Handed is the new video release by Club Inferno Dungeon. Scene 1 sees Trenton Ducati top fist pig Rick Van Sant. Trenton Ducati breezes in with his leather motorcycle jacket and doesn’t waste much time getting Rick Van Sant on his knees for some cock worship. The real action starts when Rick Van Sant asks Trenton to play with his ass. Rick Van Sant has one of my favorite porn asses. He takes Trenton’s fists effortlessly, wriggling his ass to work on Trenton’s forearms, taking them deep. There is also some great eye contact from Trenton making the scene extra hot. Rick Van Sant’s gaping hole is a pleasure to watch. Check out the full scene here.

PORN: Tate Ryder showing us his deep hole

Pornstar boyfriends Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder have shot an amateur sex tape of a weekend they had in San Francisco. What follows is an unscripted sex romp from Castro, to Steamworks and back to their hotel.  Head over to to check out the full scene. You will find it under Original Content heading.

PORN: Tate Ryder and Trenton Ducati in Push It Out for

Tate Ryder and Trenton Ducati (partners both on and off screen) team up again this time at in Scene 1 of Push It Out, a piss and enema themed video that will get you soaking wet, just as Trenton Ducati does. I am having trouble embedding the preview video, so check out the pictures below and head over to to get a taste of Tate Ryder’s filthy ass in action. Tate Ryder has also starred in another video for Kitted out in a white FIST jockstrap, this hot little tattooed boy takes a selection of dildos like a good little ass pig. While the toys and dildos are not as “monstrous” as the promos claim them to be, his eagerness to push back and his horny little grunts makes for hot viewing. With Tate revealing his appetite as a fisting bottom, I just can’t wait for this aussie hottie to pop his porn fisting cherry.   VIEW THE FULL SCENES AT LUCAS RAUNCH

PORN: Hole Busters 5 with Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder

Trenton Ducati stars again in a hot little scene this time with off-screen boyfriend and aussie porn newbie Tate Ryder. In a recent interview, Tate Ryder described his favorite sexual activity is “a long deep fisting” and apparently spent two days in a row fisting in a London club over the 2012 New Year. While Tate has yet to be filmed with a fist up his ass, hopefully this hot dildo scene is a prelude. Woof Woof.

Click here to watch the full scene

Click here to watch the full scene