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10 things you may not have thought to put up your ass

A dirty play session with huge dildos and/or your buddies fist is usually enough to satisfy a hungry pig hole, but sometimes we like to mix it up and try something different. Maybe experience a different sensation, maybe include a bit of role play, or maybe just try something different. Quite often we buy a new size or new shaped dildo, or try a new position. Others give fruit or vegetables a try, or cans and bottles, or a traffic cone, or balls, or my favorite – the baseball bat. If you are as talented as Bryce Colby in The Other Side of Aspen IV, you may even take a fire extinguisher up your hole. Following are a few other objects that creative asspigs can play with.

1. First up, a bowling pin

2. A tree branch in the great outdoors

3. A toilet brush in the public restroom

4. A hammer for some DIY stretching

5. A bunch of chopsticks from your local Chinese restaurant

6. A rifle barrel (I hope its unloaded!)

7. A battery-operated light

8. The tow bar on your car. 

9. An obedient slave tray

10. And last but not least, a whisk. Just because!

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