Fan Submission: WAD on WAD ASS

25yo college hottie, o-bismarck from xtube, sent me a picture of his hot load all over my ass.

Hot dude ­čśŤ

Photoset: Blue Jockstrap

I am away from home at the moment, so I am currently limited in what I can post to Xtube and to my blog. Here are a few pics of my tight hole that needs a good stretch.

My Dildo Collection

The above dildos are my triple play to open me up for fisting. The first cream dildo is a John Holmes replica. It is very soft and squirmy and is a good starter to open me up. The middle dildo is the Bam. It starts stretching my hole and makes my ass very hungry. The last dildo on the right is Chi Chi LaRue’s Black Balled Dildo. It is as thick as a fist and keeps my hole open to be┬ápummeled. Yum.

A lot of the toys in my collection were purchased to open my hole up. Now that my hole is starting to loosen up nicely, I hope to buy some larger toys.