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Porn: Brandon Moore reveals his pink budding hole to David Benjamin

Brandon Moore is an eager fisting pig. He gets himself worked up by first stretching his hole with a giant yellow latex dildo, then fisting himself with his left hand. Slick with lube, he drills his hand as deep inside himself as he can, then withdraws and practically swallows his fist, licking at the strands of lube. His gaping hole reveals his pink insides. He stretches the puckered walls of his ass and pushes out his bright red sphincter. But there’s only so much Brandon can do on his own, and David Benjamin shows up to take Brandon’s experience to the next level. With an encouraging smack on the ass, David grabs the yellow monster dildo and fucks Brandon’s hole with it until it nearly reaches the base. Prying Brandon’s ass apart, David licks Brandon’s exposed boy hole, then dives in with his fist. Brandon’s ass swallows it all the way up to David’s thick wrist, and the veins in David’s muscular arm bulge with exertion. Removing his electric orange jock pouch, David starts jerking off while his other arm is still buried in Brandon. When he reaches the edge, David strokes his cock with both hands and erupts in a creamy blast of white cum–and Brandon goes back to fisting himself!



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Porn: Amerifist uppercuts Ely-X’s gaping sloppy fist hole

Amerifist has a new ass to play with over at, and it is one hot deep gaping hole. Ely-X is a young fister that contacted Amerifist via their website. He has done some vanilla porn before, but he wanted to try something a bit more FFilthy. Well Ely-X; now the real FFun starts!  Despite being a skinny young cutie, this boys hole gives a massive gape, and boy does Amerifist try to stretch it wider to get a good look inside. Taking some big punches and some nice deep thrusts, Ely-X’s sloppy pig bottom hole has quickly become one of my new favorite holes! I’m sure this boy will be back for more!


Porn: Dolan Wolf’s hairy pig hole gets hungry for tanned muscle stud Dylan Saunders

Dolan Wolf’s hot hungry woof hole is back in action at Club Inferno Dungeon taking some forearm muscle from young and tanned stud Dylan Saunders. These boys are kitted out in fluro pink and green harness gear for the aptly titled Arm Candy series, but there is only one color that matters: Rosebud Red! Arms covered in white crisco Dylan Saunders is the master fister in charge of exposing Dolan’s rosebud! Dolan’s an expert at getting his ass plugged, and Dylan gets his hand in up to the wrist. Dolan pushes outward, and his bright red insides are visible between the gaping pink lips of his man hole. Rising up onto his feet, Dolan squats above Dylan and uses his weight to get Dylan’s fist even deeper inside his man cave. The red, wrinkled rosebud finally blooms in the center of Dolan’s hairy man ass.


Porn: Little piggy Jeff Browning has a tight hole and wants his fist cherry popped!

Jeff Browning is the first versatile pig to arrive at Matthias von Fistenberg’s hotel room, and this little piggy has a tight hole that wants to be opened. Matthias gets the young stud all horned up by making him fist his hole; the boy is versatile after all! After Matt’s hole gets his fair share of the ffun, the two flip roles. Matthias makes the little big-dicked pig bend over and spread his ass apart, and Matt rams his pierced cock right up it. Matt spanks the little punk and starts to finger Jeff’s hole. But this boy’s hole is tight, and Matthias need to use all his muscle to make the boy’s hole spread wide. With Jeff grimacing and eager to take his first fist, he slowly relaxes his hole, and with nowhere else to go but in, the pressure of Matt’s fist hard against his hole, it finally gives in and this little piggy’s fist cherry is popped for good!


Porn: Who wants some ARM CANDY? Brian Bonds gets his fist into Brandon Moore’s sweet hole

Forget about eye candy, Brandon Moore’s butt is total ARM CANDY! The new video series from Club Inferno Dungeon is out now, and it’s finger-licking good! Surrounded by candy colors–pink, green, orange, yellow–Brian Bonds is ready to dip his fist into Brandon Moore’s sweet glazed hole! Brandon, in his orange gear, raises his perfect round ass in the air to give Brian the ultimate deep access to his chute. With back and forth strokes, Brian alternates hands to stretch out Brandon’s tight sphincter. With a nice little pink budding hole Brandon’s smooth hole is good enough to eat!


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Porn: Matthias von Festenberg’s greedy pig hole gets playfully fisted

Matthias von Fistenberg’s greedy hole gets a workout in this weeks instalment from fisting studio Darkroom. We all know Matthias is selfish ass pig, well, watch how great his ass copes as horny tops playfully stretch his hole testing how much Matthias can take, before plunging fist deep, and double wide. With a mix of experience and fisting innocence in the young fisting top, this make for a playful horny scene…



Porn: Pint-sized Ben Houston gets the Hard Hole Treatment from Drew Sebastian

Pint-sized Ben Houston is back at Studfist to show that even the smallest boys have hungry holes. And it’s a good thing this bottom pig’s hole can stretch wide to accommodate Drew Sebastian sizeable fists and forearms: Punching, arm fucking and a dildo ride with a double cum shot not to be missed!