Tex Davidson fist fucks young stud Nate Grimes all for the PLEASURE!

Young spunk Nate Grimes is back at Studfist with rough rider favorite – Tex Davidson! Don’t make the mistake of under-estimating this young stud’s hole. Nate can swallow big fists like a seasoned proFFesional, and boy does his juicy hole look good taking it! His arse is the perfect receptical for cocks & punches which he takes hard, fast & deep – as a good service boy should…

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Poppered up and ready for pig play

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Yes SIR!!! Cody Winter is eager to please his muscle daddy

Blond and smooth, Cody Winter sprawls across a leather bench. His sir, D Arclyte, rubs his hands along Cody’s lean body. D expertly administers a blowjob to his boy, then flips him over to eat Cody’s eager hole. Eager to please his daddy, Cody moves to a sling where he opens up his ass for D’s fat fist. D slides his knuckles past Cody’s muscle ring, the sub’s moans get more and more intense.  Faster and faster, D pumps his fist into Cody’s hole, passing his wrist. Resting his leg over D’s arm, Cody faces forward and fucks himself on his sir’s big fist. With Cody’s hole gaping, D wraps his hands around Cody’s neck and constricts his airflow, and the feeling of being totally at the mercy of his sir impels Cody to shoot a massive, spurting load into the air.

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Cazzo Club celebrating 20years of Euro FFilth

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