Porn: Who wants some ARM CANDY? Brian Bonds gets his fist into Brandon Moore’s sweet hole

Forget about eye candy, Brandon Moore’s butt is total ARM CANDY! The new video series from Club Inferno Dungeon is out now, and it’s finger-licking good! Surrounded by candy colors–pink, green, orange, yellow–Brian Bonds is ready to dip his fist into Brandon Moore’s sweet glazed hole! Brandon, in his orange gear, raises his perfect round ass in the air to give Brian the ultimate deep access to his chute. With back and forth strokes, Brian alternates hands to stretch out Brandon’s tight sphincter. With a nice little pink budding hole Brandon’s smooth hole is good enough to eat!


Porn: Matthias von Festenberg’s greedy pig hole gets playfully fisted

Matthias von Fistenberg’s greedy hole gets a workout in this weeks instalment from fisting studio Darkroom. We all know Matthias is selfish ass pig, well, watch how great his ass copes as horny tops playfully stretch his hole testing how much Matthias can take, before plunging fist deep, and double wide. With a mix of experience and fisting innocence in the young fisting top, this make for a playful horny scene…



Porn: Pint-sized Ben Houston gets the Hard Hole Treatment from Drew Sebastian

Pint-sized Ben Houston is back at Studfist to show that even the smallest boys have hungry holes. And it’s a good thing this bottom pig’s hole can stretch wide to accommodate Drew Sebastian sizeable fists and forearms: Punching, arm fucking and a dildo ride with a double cum shot not to be missed!


Porn: Seamus O’Reilly gets his greedy hole plugged by Alessandro Del Toro

Red-headed Seamus O’Reilly is back at Club Inferno Dungeon for another hot scene, this time with beefy latin stud Alessandro Del Toro.  Seamus has proven himself to be one young hungry ass pig, and Alessandro knows just how to feed the boy’s hole! Using a huge screw dildo Alessandro slowly pries open Seamus’ hole, stretching it further and further. As the pig bottoms hole relaxes, Alessandro starts ploughing Seamus’ hole until it relaxes completely into a hot pink gaping hole. Just the invitation he needs, Alessandro slides a fist into the gaping hole fisting the boy’s hungry hole on all fours, then standing over Alessandro, Seamus lowers himself down and takes both fists back and forth.


Porn: Brian Bonds goes for full depth in Manuel Olveyra’s tight fist hole

Fisting Central is back!!! For the last couple of years the site has been lost under the banner of Fetish Force, but the company that owns the site recently came to their senses, and have rebranded and brought back the name Fisting Central. With all the content and extensive fisting/huge dildo archives as well as sounding and watersports. In the sites latest release Brian Bonds converts Manuel Olveyra from a fisting newbie to a nasty, needy ass hungry slut! The puckered, pink flesh if Manual’s hole takes a lot of effort to open up wide like a good fistpig’s should, and Brian pushes Manuel to the brink of his limits. This is the biggest hole-busting workout Manuel’s ever had!


Get Shafted with Shaft Lube!

If you have ever played with Crisco, you know that you need a hell of a lot of soapy suds to wash it off your hands and toys. Well, Shaft is something to consider. I haven’t yet tried it out, but it is an oil based, Crisco-like lube that washes off with water. Apparently it was the original content in Boy Butter, and continues to be a good seller at Mr S. Leather. I will definitely be ordering a tub and trying it out!


Porn: FFuck buds Brian Bonds & Dolan Wolf hit the sling @

Brian Bonds and Dolan Wolf are seasoned ass stretching pigs, so when I saw that had put these two together for play session, I just knew it would be hot. Bother these boys are accomplished fisting bottoms that love getting their holes stretched, so I bet there was a race to get in the sling first. Jockstrapped and legs his in stirrups, Brian Bond’s gets his hole fisted, punched, and stretched. Brian gets so turned on by Dolan’s fist up his hole that his jockstrap can no longer contain his engorged meaty cock, but that just gives something else for Dolan to work over.  Not wanting to be left out, Brian gives Dolan’s ass the attention it needs in a cheeky 69er fisting position that satisfies both boys holes.