Porn: Gio Ryder fists Brock Rustin’s big furry ginger ass

Brock Rustin has been in a few hot scenes at Club Inferno Dungeon, and this new scene with young gun Gio Ryder is no exception. Brock has got one of those holes that you just want to keep on stretching. Rimmed with ginger bum fuzz, Brock’s hole is ripe enough to eat the hell out of, and the film crew must agree as we get some mouth-watering close-ups of his pliable hole. Brock is a horny ffucken asspig. His grunts, groans, and red headed madness is just the right kind of dirtiness to make anyone into assplay hot under the collar, and, more importantly, rock hard down below. If this scene hits the spot, and I’m sure it will, make sure you check out his other scenes for more ginger-haired ass stretching ffun.


Fostter Riviera gets a 4-way tag fisting

I have been following Berlin-based Fostter Riviera for a while now from his sneaker clad anal play scenes at Cazzo, to his locker-room fist scenes at Bulldog Pit, and now to his tagged teamed fist scene with the boys at Lucas Raunch. The four boys: Logan Moore, Raul Korso, Alex Lopez, and Theo Ford, take turns fisting Fostter’s ass skin to skin for one truly hot bareback ffuck. But that’s not all Fostter gives us. In another scene by the same studio, Fostter gives us a hot watersports/assplay session with a huge dildo, showing us just how piggy his hole can get. Fostter stretches his hole wide, and gives us an awesome view of his pink gaping cunt.Seeing that his gaping cunt needs filling, Tomas Brand stops by and lets out a stream of warm yellow piss right up Fostter’s hole. Oink! 


Porn: Matthieu Paris greases up both arms to get deep into inked asian stud Lee Heyford

Lee Heyford is an amazingly sexy British / Asian mix asspig. His long, lanky, muscled body is covered in beautifully smooth, inked skin. If all that weren’t enough, Lee loves to have his hole worked over, and who better than butt aficionado Matthieu Paris?  Matthieu starts off slicking up his arms with ropes of thick J-Lube and all Lee can do is grin from ear to ear. Pretty soon, Lee’s hole is taking everything Matthieu can dish out and Lee shows off his amazing rosebud from his swollen ass ring. Matthieu even quenches Lee’s fiery hole with cool, clear, water only to heat it all up again with two hands!


Porn: Schaaff gets tag team’d by Wantbottom & Amerifist @

Young talented pig bottom, Schaaff, is back at for a hog wild fist frenzy of a scene. Germany’s notorious ass master, Wantbottom, and the stud fister himself, Amerifist, team up to double tag Schaaff hole. Schaaff gets it double fisted, punch ffucked, elbow deep, and double fisted by two men at once. Now, that’s what I call a hungry asspig.


Porn: This slave boy has no option but to take puppy’s paws

Bent over and strapped to a roman chair, the slave boy has no option but get his hole worked over by puppy’s paws. Slapping on extra lube in goes the fingers, prying open the slave boy’s hole. No amount of whining or begging is gonna stop puppy’s paws from fitting inside this bitch hole. You don’t get the choice over at Iron Lockup.

Porn: Greedy pig-bottom Drew Sebastian swallows Dolan Wolf’s fist

Club Inferno Dungeon’s new series Big Bad Wolf heats up in the second scene release with pig-bottom Drew Sebastian, Jordan Foster, and the big bad wolf himself: Dolan Wolf. Right from the outset Drew has his ass planted on a giant bullet-shaped butt plug. The sight of his greased up hole swallowing the huge toy got me hard straight away, even knowing there was more to cum. Drew’s moaning attracts Jordan, who feeds Drew his hard cock, but then, lurking in the shadows, Dolan Wolf gets in on the action, gloves up, and replaces the buttplug with his fist. Dolan, as good a top as he is a bottom, gets his muscle fist on, and works Drew’s hole deep and wide, before they decide to trade places. Drew lubes up his enormous paw and slides it directly into Wolf’s greedy hole. After fisting his buddy for a few, Sebastian admits that his hole is still hungry. The clever Wolf gets on his back and orders Drew to stand by his side so that both men can fist each other at the same time.