Hugh Hunter takes Matt & Ashley for Wylde Ryde(r) on his fist

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James Oakleigh survives brutal punch fuck session with Amerifist

James Oakleigh’s little puppy butt has a big gaping hole that has an appetite for destruction! And just as well ‘cos Amerifist has a habit of leaving sore (and satisfied) holes in his wake. But don’t under-estimate this young pup – James likes to take it HARD! I’m talking about clenched fist brutal punch fucking one after the other HARD! If you want to know the meaning of ASS DESTRUCTION – then watch this scene!

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Jackson Lawless gets fist punched in and fist fucked out by Jordano Santoro

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Iron Maus Shows Off his Rosebud

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Big burly Hugh Hunter is on a mission to get his hole eaten and fist fucked

Big burly Hugh Hunter is not in the mood to be fucked around. He’s only got one mission: to get his hole eaten and fist fucked. Colin Bryant gets in deep with his far-reaching tongue. But that’s just the start. The tatted stud wants his ass stretched farther than Colin’s mouth can take it. He yells out for Colin to lube up his hands and bends over the table on his hands and knees to let Colin slide his fingers and hand in stretching his arse open.

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